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did it get any better?



Well I spent six days in the "looney bin" as my "loving daughter" refers to it.

When she is drinking she lets her true feelings come out. she pretends to support me but she really is very angry at me. she says she hates me...I don't doubt it.

I take my meds and feel and act like a zombie. I would rather have the voices and visions.more like energy residuals instead of actually seeing people. they are not scary. I know other people can't see them although they are there.....I still have thoughts of suicide. constant thoughts. my daughter does not help. telling me they would be better off without me in the long run.

Of course I would call my doctor before it gets to that point. Sometimes I wish I were truly selfish so I could be done with it all

I dont thiink thinkgs are better at all. just drugged to the core.


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It sounds like you're dealing with more than one thing at the same time. The hallucinations and the meds you take for them are one problem, and I understand the decision not to get therapy for that at the moment, in case it stirs them up more.

But it sounds like there might be tensions in your family, beyond your personal problems. Your daughter's anger needs to be addressed somehow, so that she doesn't keep tearing at you instead of dealing with it. How old is she, by the way? Do you know what she's angry about? And is there a way to get into something like family therapy, so that you guys can talk about the feelings that have been built up?

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malign, I have been trying to get her (she is 21) to go with me. I do have a group therapy for my PTSD in the am. I am nervous about that. I am dealing with so much right now it is a miracle I am able to think at all.

I feel sure she is angry that I waited to get help now that she is grown. She has a 3 year old daughter and she is one of my biggest motivators to stay compliant.

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