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I can't really make out how I feel.. I don't feel as sad as I should and then I feel bad for feeling this way.. I dunno. He was the main thing in my life keeping me going and now he's gone. But it doesn't feel like he's gone.. When I woke up this morning I had completely forgotten that he was gone and then a little voice in my head said that he's dead. Maybe it hasn't hit me yet.. When I first found out I couldn't stop shaking but for some reason I can't cry over it. I feel bad because usually I make sure that he sleeps inside at night but that night I was out with my friends and I asked my parents to make sure he came in but they left him out all night. If I had been there I wouldn't have let it happen but instead I was out drinking with my friends and now it's too late to change anything:(

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It sounds like you are in shock. Sometimes our feelings just shut down because it is too much:(. My cat got hit by a car in the back alley during a time I was having the roof on my house replaced. There was so much commotion and equipment around, I couldn't help but think it confused him. It was so awful.:):(

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Nah, I don't think I'll be getting any more animals:o There's a barn full of stray cats across the road from where I live and all my cats get killed trying to cross the road to get to them..

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how about a bunny?

we've had cats and now a small bunny and my S/O (who is a cat lover in a major way) says that the bunny is the next best thing to a cat. they do have a tendancy to chew things though; electrical wires, chair legs, etc. but there are ways to control all that.:)

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Hmmmm, maybe someday I'll get a bunny but for the moment I'm not gonna get anymore animals. I remember when I was small my best friend had a pet rabbit and he was the cutest little thing!!!

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I was sorry to hear about your cat, Blossom.

My wife had a bunny (or her son did) when we got married. It was cute (well, it had some scary red eyes, but that was because it was an albino.) They would put it on my stomach when I was sitting in a chair (gives you some idea of my posture), and it would look at me with its nose twitching until I scratched its ears. I suspect it was telepathic, sending me ear-scratching vibes until I couldn't resist.

They are sensitive and they do tend to "explore", meaning find places to hide that you'd never think of. But cute, and pretty affectionate for something that doesn't purr.

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Everything's horrible today. Yesterday wasn't so bad and everything felt ok and nearly normal. I keep hearing noises and seeing things moving that shouldn't be moving and it's really freaking me out. I don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight. I woke up screaming last night because my door opened on it's own - dunno whether it was a dream or not. I think I'm going crazy.. I don't know whether these things are actually happening or not. I hate this feeling. and I know that everyone else in the house will be asleep soon and it'll be just me awake again and then I'll start hearing noises again and get paranoid.

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