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Another pair of days at the end of a week



Ah well, me and weekends. We do not get along.

I start out with a big buildup. By Friday, I had made plans to call a friend Saturday night, to take my Dad to his church on Sunday, and to meet with my wife for the first time in a couple of weeks later that afternoon. For Saturday, I was thinking about a day-trip to go bird-watching. I even set my clock to wake me up early.

Plans like that always decay on me. First, I decide not to wake up so early. Then I wake up and have breakfast, and lie down on my bed (still my only real furniture) to read. Then I fall asleep again. Then I deliberately sleep as long as I can. Finally, I come to my senses about five in the afternoon and get up to try to make something out of the remaining hours. I often suspect I do it deliberately, to keep from going out during the day. "Why" is still a mystery, though. Something to do with maybe I'd actually have to deal with being alive, then.

Sunday started better; I took my Dad to church, the one I used to go to with my parents from when I was a kid until my twenties. It was an interesting demonstration of the cycle of life. A quarter century later, it was much the same, with small children, teenagers, parents, and old folks, same as before. Except everyone had moved up a notch, and all the kids were born after I left the place.

Afternoon, my meeting with my wife went about as expected. That is, I left angry and nearly despondent again. I went to the library for an hour to cool off and to chat with people online; it's the only place I can get to a computer on the weekend. Then I got a call from my friend, just as I was trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day. Let's call it "timely" and leave it at that. :-) I finished the day well, getting all the bills paid for the month. So I guess it emphasizes the importance of having friends.


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I think week-ends can be a difficult time for many people. We thrive on routine and when this is removed from us we flounder a bit.

Hope the coming week brings good things for you.:(

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Malign I can totally relate to the church thing. I've been having to take my mom since her foot is broke and everyone is the same. I have had more people come up and pinch my cheeks and hug me and say I haven't seen you since you were a teenager. If you postpone going out during the day just go out at night. It's much more peaceful and you see all different kinds of birds then you would see during the day. Also no worries about sunburn ;-)

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Routine lets me get through without thinking, yes. ;-)

It's also a function of responsibility: I have to go to work, but I don't feel the same obligation to go have fun when I can. Perhaps my priorities are off, huh?

Mmm, you're right about nightbirds, Amanda. You can sometimes see bats (okay, not birds really) just before it gets completely dark. And I've seen nighthawks flying over a parking lot, harvesting the bugs just out of reach of the street lights. They're hard to see in the daytime, because they hide on the forest floor.

Perhaps you meant a different kind of night-bird entirely, though. I guess it depends on your neighborhood. ;-) I did like your leaf-collecting hobby, though. One of my prize possessions is a button someone made for me when I was a teenager. It's a tiny red maple leaf, partially turned. It's really pretty, and a great memento of the person, who was the naturalist at a park we used to spend a week at, every summer. I think my wife has it. (That also may give you a hint just how I feel about her, these days.)

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well, same weekend problems for me, except...all week is like that a t the moment. Well, I like that your friend call ed just in time! that is so awesome. I love when it happens to me. that's fur sure.

can you get the button back... along with other prized possessions that are yours only? that would make sense... no?

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Ah, well, "sense"! :-)

Not accustomed to that concept, from her.

I should be able to get it back (if it's still there). She did throw some other stuff of mine away, before, and sold other stuff at a yard sale, a long time ago. Since the divorce became a real option, she has been more careful, because she knows she can get in trouble. But there's still stuff of mine at the house ... So, okay, part of it is I'm too much of a wimp to demand it back. Trying to keep the peace, in the hopes that peace might be worth something.

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