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Blogging 101



Well, I don't have anything major for today, but it's my 101st blog entry.

So I thought I would use the opportunity to promote the concept of blogging. I find it useful in a couple of ways.

First, it helps you vent stuff in a slightly less public way than posting in a forum. There, it's almost like a request for a response. Here, even if you allow comments, they're more ... conversational.

Second, it gives you a single place to go back to, to see what was happening to you weeks or months in the past. That helps give you perspective, about how things pass, about how you might be improving.

Third, it gives people somewhere to post long silly conversations with you, in case you enjoy such things as much as I do. ;-)

So, if any of these things sound enjoyable to you, please: Join me in making our blogging area a lively place.


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Hey, milady. I'm okay today. Procrastinating, as usual.

I saw a ladybug (we say 'bug', you say 'bird') on the passenger-side window of my car, when I stopped at a traffic light this morning. I didn't see where she went after she blew off, though.

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OH NO!!!! i hope she didn't get killed...

Yeah, why come ye say bug and we say bird? and how come we spell "colour" with a u and ye spell "color"? I've always wondered that...:(

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Whenever I used to visit my cousins when we were small, we always went ladybird hunting and we collected them in jars and gave them some grass to climb on:)!!! sometimes my cousins operated on them though.....i didn't like that part...ladybird cruelty..:(

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I hope you let them go eventually. ;-)

We collected lightning bugs (birds?), too. We thought if we got enough of them, they could be like a flashlight (torch). They never seemed to develop a rhythm, and all flash together, though.

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They only come out in summer. And you may not get them. They're a kind of beetle, maybe a centimeter long, that flies along slowly, flashing from a special organ at the tail end of them.

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No, it's a cold light; it comes from a special chemical reaction under their skin. You can hold them in your hand while they flash.

How high (elevation) are you, tour? I would've thought you might get them ...

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700 meters or so? Maybe it's just too cool for them, at your latitude. I know that there are species on all the continents ... Maybe Google can find us a distribution map.

Yep, no more nightlight in the loo ... :-)

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Heh. How big are your feet? :-)

I know you were trying to speak my language, I was just verifying, because it didn't sound that high. But if you're already at a high latitude, just a little altitude could make it a lot colder.

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