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You know, amid the swirl and pain of this place, there's also a peace.

Someone coming back and laughing with you, after you spent an evening talking them out of their depression.

Someone learning to talk, after a lifetime enduring in silence.

Someone turning from acrimony and debate to reach out a hand to someone, instead.

The grief and horrors, the pain, the despair and the anger, they all pass. The peace is what remains.

I wish you all peace, today and every day.


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No! :-) That was my surprise, too. I've had people caution me not to give too much ...

But the peace comes to me, too. Watching it all happen. Oh, I know moment to moment there's a boatload of suffering coming in and out of our revolving doors, and I do my best to understand and share it. It hurts sometimes. But what I find is that the exercise (of my feeling parts) does me good. Maybe it's like fertilizer (lots of things are): a lot of it can burn you, but none leaves you gasping for nutrients. The right amount, though, and you grow like a weed. :-)

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Meh. I prefer to think of it as peer-to-peer. It's not as if I'm issue-free; there's both a give and a take.

If we had to wait for graduation, this would be quiet place indeed. ;-)

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That's how I see it. There's both a time sequence, feeling stronger at some times than at others, and a skills exchange, some people are better at some things than others. I firmly believe we all have something to contribute.

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Hi malign, how are you? It has been a while and I wanted to touch base and see how things are going. I have been dealing with getting ready for school and not a whole lot else. Things are settling down now, but we'll see what happens when the term really begins.

I am happy to see that you have found something meaningful from this community, as have I. Certainly a great deal of projects and steps had to be taken to reach this state of peace, but I find it so very worthwhile.

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Kaudio! Nice to see you again. We were getting a bit worried; glad to hear it was just busyness.

Yeah, this place grows on you like mold. ;-)

It often gives me more satisfaction than my real job. Maybe there's a career change in store for me, at my advanced age.

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Love your peace blog ! I chose your blog to read first out of anyone. Thank you, malign. I had not see u posting much in the fourms lately, but it's ok. I don't blame u ! ALways missing your quirky sense of humor :)


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