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I'm getting lazy. I'm getting complacent. I better do something before I regret it.

Is this true? "Only at the precipice do we evolve." I posted it on the one-liner thread.

Well, I don't want to wait until I'm at the precipice! I wish someone will keep me in check. It's so hard to discipline/change yourself when you're used to a certain routine even though it doesn't help you at all.

I'm talking about my napping, of course. It's all I've ever written about here!



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Hi finding. Hobbies? Well, if I had the time, I like to think of ways to recycle anything I can find in the house. The only problem is I put aside these things and later I end up throwing them because they just add to the clutter before I get any ideas. :D And de-cluttering is my priority right now.

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