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Not much to say?



Hmm, HI people.

I know I have been away for long. Been working lots. I feel it's a good thing as my mood is mostly good these days. sometimes I think about this blog and I don't know what to add. it's been pretty good lately. Not much to report. and not much time.

on the 'luv' front, still seeing the new guy. He's still good so far. No word or sign of life from Y in two months. Just hearing about him from friends from time to time. C has a new girlfriend, I've heard... I think they are good together. She's a friend of a girl I work with. She's very pretty, very fit, and a control eater [from what she herself told me...]. Doesn't drink, as she did her liver in several years ago from partying too much. She's probably everything he wants.

Tomorrow going on a hike again with the new guy. Should be good. Stil evaluating if we belong together, and if he'll remain good, or if it's just that right now, he's trying the best he can and then he'll become an arsehole again... hope not.

I don't see my friend R anymore, well not very much. She's still with the crazy bf. I miss the good ol days, but oh well.

At work, it's ok. the boss is crazy, has mood swings and micro manages, but the foreman is good. We'll see.

that pretty much sums it up.

Hope all is well with you my friends.


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Hey tour. Good to hear from you.

What kind of work is it? Still design?

How's your shoulder, are you riding again, yet?

My brother's 100-miler ended badly: he hit a pothole and splintered his clavicle. They had to put in a plate and screw him back together. On the plus side, now he's always going to set off airport scanners. :-)

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