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What's Important



Here's what I really needed to say for today:

Yes, every day is filled with new struggles, or worse, the same old struggles from yesterday.

Yes, there are times when I feel like it won't ever end, when I get angry at the world for being so obstinate, when I can't understand what I'm doing wrong.

Yes, it all ends some day, and that end gets closer every single day, whether you make any progress on your problems that day or not.

But no, damn it, none of those things is a reason to quit trying. Sorry, no, there's no respite or solace in being dead. Just deadness.

So get your ass out there and live!

This is not an option.

There is nothing else.


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i know, thats what i needed to hear right now, sometimes its the things that could be interpretted as harsh is actually the greatestt help that could be given.

it may of been directed at you, but im gonna borrow it for a while, is that ok ?

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Life moves on with or without you.

Give and receive. Treat yourself with the same love and compassion you treat one another. The ONLY way to change tomorrow is to make some change today.

Cheers, malign!

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I was thinking, it might be helpful for everyone who reads this blog, for you to explain how and why you came to feel what was important--for you to say today.

Although some may not be ready to feel this way, others may benefit from your insight.


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I've been hesitant to answer your question, willy.

Mostly because I'm not really sure.

What I wish I could do is to offer some pathway for people to reach that inner core that I believe we all have inside us, from which I believe that my no-nonsense rant came.

The problem is that what actually happened was that I just got tired of responding to despondent people while trying to nurse my own, possibly similar, struggles, and I snapped into a place in my head where it was all quite clear, and I wrote that.

I'm not sure I could or at least would do that again, and I can hardly recommend it as a procedure to others. I still believe what I wrote, but most days, I have only a slight chance of practicing it.

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Im sorry Mark,

just read your above comment. You know, you dont have to listen/respond when I get like I got/get. You certainlly are under no obligation to do so. Infact, now that I have just read this, its possibly best that you dont. Im sorry I realise that I am one of those dispondant people that you respond to. Guess sometimes there is a bit of me that has initial insight to somethings, check out my first comment in this blog. I kinda felt that that was kinda directed partly at me at the time, now sadly I realise it was.

All I can say is sorry, if that means anything what so ever.

Please take good care of you Mark, keep on that walkway, Im sure you will get there in the end.

Bye Mark


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Sue, I'm pretty sure you've misunderstood a comment that I made to someone else.

Clearly, I don't have to do anything on the site. I do what I want to, what I need to. My post was not advice to you, or any person other than myself, as I replied to you, right after your first comment. Who knows, someone might find it useful, but I was talking to myself.

"Despondent" means "sad", Sue, that's all. That's you, me, Blossom, most of the people I know, one way or another. And it's only my own sadness that sometimes keeps me from being able to see the joy in the helping, and that makes for a hard day for me, at those times.

The response isn't to pull away and feel like you're a burden; it's to join me in trying to live life to the fullest, and that includes leaning on your friends when you need to. One of my cousins went to a British private school whose motto was "A friend in need is a friend indeed." That's what your friends are for.

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