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i ate chips!!



i hate myself so much when i eat, i did really well and dropped 7lbs then went to the pub got wrecked on long island teas ate some chips from the fish shop of all things that my on/off b/f bought me then yesterday i had some iccream and have now gained 3 fckin lbs! i really really hate myself i feel so weak and stupid :mad: my stomachs a mess cos laxes dont work anymore so im bloated queasy and blocked! i purged with the bleach ugggh i promised myself id never do that again!

ive got the appt with the psych coming up on the 23rd which im seriously regretting im not sure i want to go now.

also fell out with b/f again ..nothing new! he wanted sex i didnt, my fault i tried to initiate it monday night cos he'd treated me (thought it might burn a few cals too if im honest lol) i really thought i could do it but i panicked and it was a HUGE disaster so of course last night he wanted to try again and i didnt and it all got muddled up altho he didnt try pushing me and i ended up jumping in a taxi home in the early hrs..i just had to get away.

as usual everythings a mess and im sick and tired of it all.

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Donna it is NEVER your fault if you dont want sex. Hun, if you dont feel like it, you dont have to do it. People are not designed just for sex. Please dont blame yourself, it is NOT YOUR FAULT.

Chips from the chippy, (gross) you must of been a little merry.

good luck at your appointment on friday, please still go, you know you need to, or else you wouldnt of made the appointment.

hope things get better soon for you

take care


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