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a hypocrite



im not sure whether i am or not, i posted a response in the ED forum. everything i said is true, but ive been thinking about it on and off throughout the day, because everything i suggested i actually go against!

im not sure whether posting was a good idea!

i mean why listen to me when i dont follow my own advice if im not following it doesnt that make it worthless, or maybe because i am doing and going through those very same things it does have some sense to it because i do know what im saying :confused:

im such a hypocrite and i detest hypocrites, im starting to wish i hadnt posted! i always worry ive hurt someone or said the wrong thing and feel stupid when i post but this time im even more worried and feeling dumber than ever.

even more crazy im on day 6 of my fast and gave a lecture on not fasting in that post! i dont know whether to laugh or cry!


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Hey, Donna, don't worry.

Lots of times, I put stuff I completely believe into a post, and then realize that I'm not doing anything like what I suggested. In fact, I'd suggest that that's a big part of how we (the posters) learn; we realize that we know better than what we're doing, so we maybe even change something about ourselves as a result. Most people could learn a lot by listening to themselves talk. :-) That's pretty much what therapy is.

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