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fasting blues



i took a break from my fast after 7 days as i was getting the dizzies usually i can go 2 weeks b4 that kicks in but thats age i guess :( ate some soup and 2 mints over the w/end and gained over a lb back..so now im back to feeling low again fat and well just pretty worthless. i know its just water but still..i was sooo close to hitting my first target.

my mum made a comment about my weight, she doesnt nag me anymore and never tries to push food on me thank god but making comments doesnt help, but somehow in my twisted mind 'you're getting too thin again' turns into you're a fat fcker but im too nice to say so.

i dont want to keep feeling like this the s/h urge is back i managed to hold off and fasting helped it made me feel higher and happier and i want to feel happier again!

i WILL hit my first gw and hopefully should be able to do it in the next cpl of days..if i dont i really dont know what the outcome will be which worries me.

still heard nothing from the dr or psych nurse so fck them they just wasted my time and theirs! thanks for nothing :mad:

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