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so fckin angry



thought id be ok this weekend kids are here my grandsons coming ...i just got a letter from the p/nurse saying im fat! i am fcking angry i cant believe he is allowed to say things like that even if it is true.

now i have to try stay calm and not do anything dumb cos the kids and my grandson will be here..how the hell am i sposed to get through the day now without them noticing anything.

i might be fat but he weighed at least 90lbs more than me..he was twice my fckin size..bastard bastard bastard..so what if i swear like who gives a fck.

i have nobody to talk to nothing zilch everythings just fckd

i am going to go to the clinic on monday and knock the shit out of him with my sons numbshacker and stick a knife to his throat..i dont give a moneys arse who he is or what happens,he's humiliated and really hurt me so why should i give a shit how he feels, a copy of that letter goes to my gp too how the hell am i supposed to face him now. :mad::mad::mad::mad:


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Hi donna,

Not given a monkeys ass, or a rats tail, kinda know how that feels. You have every right to be angry hun.

The p/nurse is well and truely out of bloody order :mad:

but dont give them the satisfaction of getting yourself into trouble coz of the idiot that has no right to write that rubbish down about you. :mad:

We are here hun, and we care about you, we may not be able to help any but we can certainly listen as you vent.

Hope you have a good weekend with your kida and grandson :)

Take care


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I've heard of nurses and aids talking like that before; saying things they shouldn't and you know what? He'll end up hanging himself in the end. I can almost guarantee it. Vent all you want but, I have to agree with Sue - don't let him get the best of you. If you blow up at him, he wins - look at it that way. Show him you're better than he is. Go vent it out all you want when he's not around - beat the hell out of a pillow and scream. As for the family coming, why hide it? Just tell them and let them know that it upset you. Might even feel good to just say it. Better than trying to hide it cause, they're gonna sense that something's up.

Just my two cents. :)


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hi Sue, thanks i did manage to calm down a bit and enjoyed my time with the kids, but Toby (my grandson) didnt end up coming because of the weather..he's got bronchitus atm poor baby :)

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Thanks John :)

you're right im not going to let him get the better of me he's not worth it.

My children dont know about my problems they're a bit young yet so i cant say anything to them, i managed to hide it i think, my daughter asked why i was a bit shaky but i got past that and she thought that i had been a bit tired...so everything worked out ok :)

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