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Diet Coke



i LOVE diet coke:)

it's my most favouritest drink in the whole wide world because it makes me happy:D

it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, [kinda like alcohol but in a different sorta way]

i think it makes me kinda high aswel:) it also makes me not hungry and it fills me up and it's low fat and it helllllllps me survvvive!!!

i found this poem on the internet:

An Ode To Diet Coke

Oh, caffeinated

Diet Coke,

I give these great praises to thee!

When I can stay up

Though I'm tired enough

To find humor in late-night TV.

Your taste is truly

Something else

Entirely, oh my friend.

My favorite food,

Though you rot at my teeth

And may give me cancer or bends

I write you odes

Though I have but few hours

To finish my style critique

And study for that test

In Euro tomorrow

Over all Chapter the Seventeenth.

Oh no, I may

Have homework in Deutsch

That you just reminded me of --

How wonderful are you,

Oh Diet Coke,

My ginseng, my Prozac, my love!

Oh, Coca-Cola

The most mem'rable of

All the things e'er to shoot out my nose

(That fateful day

In chess club)

Though it hurt like goodness knows.

Ok, so maybe the

Cooked spring pea

Was just about as memorable.

But this isn't an ode

To cooked spring peas --

Its an ode to Diet Coke.

The hours trudge on,

But it matters not,

For soon 'twill be early, not late --

But you cannot rest,

My delectable chum,

As we approach your expiration date.

So I'll drink of the wine

I'm allowed before

I turn twenty-one in this state.

I just want you to know,

Oh Coke, Diet Coke,

That I think you're real, real great.

Elyse Yeager

i think i feel the same way as the lady that wrote it.



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you click on the box with the yellow sky and mountain and moon on it and then copy the url into the box but delete the http:// thing in the box first coz there's already one on the picture

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