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what i HATE the most is when people don't take me seriously. i hate it. i hate how i'm always the last resort. if someone can't find their friends on a night out they come hang with me and then as soon as their friends reappear they disappear. i hate being used. everyone thinks they can use laura because she's "nice". stupid laura can't say no to anyone. oh i hate being me.

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well, therapy wasn't so great today but that's no surprise..

she wants me to tell ykw about the way she makes me feel and she wants me to tell her that i go to therapy and i said no way and she asked me if i was being stubborn and i said yeah.

god as if that would make anything any better..

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ok, earings outa sweets is kinda cool :(

but a necklace outa cucumber :eek:

how did ya come up with that idea ???

Im sure your doing a fabb job hun :)

What are ya gonnna make a bracelet out of ~ you could use the sweetie wrappers !!! :)

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