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Birthday List



Well, I have been "ordered" to make out a birthday list. I will be four dozen years old on Thursday. So ...

For the first dozen, I'd like a lot of playmates, people I can be silly with.

For the second dozen, I'd like a circle of friends, people I can tell my secrets to.

For the third dozen, I'd like a place to share my sorrows and hurts with others in pain.

For the fourth dozen, I'd like a way to recognize my own personal value, a part of my purpose for being here.

I have no idea how y'all anticipated all that before I even knew what I was going to write. But this looks to be the best birthday ever. :-)


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awww, Mark !!!!!!

hun, surely you can remember how a birthday list should look :eek:

Like wheres the present list eh ???

when i logged on and saw you had done this blog, I was half expecting for you to of made loads of entries ~ after all your a big kid at heart :)

but nope not even a train set in sight :D

looks like when I get a bit more time Im gonna have to gently help you, and give you a shove in the right direction.:)

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Happy early Birthday! I hope it's a great birthday- You deserve it! I, personally, love your list. Those are things that matter most in life!

My girls are turning one tomorrow! And my birthday is on the 7th! Cheers to December birthdays!

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"Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday Dear mark

Happy birthday to you"

48 Today :)

Hope you have a wonderful day mark, filled with plenty of smiles. (and cake :)).

Dont forget to make a wish :)

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