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Lonely day



Feeling very alone today. I took my meds last night & this morning like I'm supposed to, but I'm still feeling down. Then again, I know that the meds won't kick in immediately since I haven't taken them consistently in a few years.

No one is responding to my posts on here. Maybe this isn't the website for me. No one ever posts responses on my Facebook much anymore either. Yeah, maybe I'm not posting the most informative or thought-provoking statuses, but I've seen people respond to stupider things.

I feel very lonely. No one is talking to me, my boyfriend has been playing video games LITERALLY all day ... Just me & the computer, and the computer isn't much company. I would love to get out and go somewhere, but where? Besides, it's snowing. Driving is a bad idea.

Ugh ... I have so much going on, some many questions I wish could be answered, some much that I'm worried about ... but no one to talk to... :(


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Amber, I'm sorry you feel like we're neglecting you.

Personally, I was just a bit overwhelmed; I don't have specific answers to any of your three questions. All I can do is try to be supportive, most of the time, anyway: I'm just a computer programmer, really.

But that doesn't mean I'm not interested in helping, however I can. I can't speak for Facebook, but at least when we get enough people going through here, most posts at least get an answer. We might be a bit slow for the holidays ...

Could it be that all those worries are the real problem? Can you split it into one worry at a time? Prioritize them, perhaps, and stick to only the top two or three?

Anyway, I'm sorry you're doubting us. I hope you'll give us some time to prove our worth. ;-)

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Sometimes perception becomes reality for all of us.

I have just joined and I am a bit discouraged by the fact that you have not received replies.

Is there any family for friends that you can connect with? sometimes help is right in front of us but we dont see it.

Hang in there....we are all important

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