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Call it a beginning



Well, okay, last day of the year.

I went into it with some irritation. So many dangling loose ends, so many things not completed that I feel should have been. Nothing like a deadline to remind you of how late you are.

But then I reflected on a passage I read from the book 365 Tao, that I bought shortly after I was on my own again. It has a short meditative reading for each day of the year, and I've been following along, well, pretty religiously.

The thing is, there is a recurrent theme in Taoism, of cycles within cycles, and that every ending contains the seeds of a new beginning. Each of my dangling threads is actually the beginning of a path that I'm going to need to take in the New Year. Rather than being shamefully incomplete tasks, they become simply the base of my to-do list for next time.

It is only I who feel a need to draw a nice neat line between years, here. That line doesn't need to exist; I can allow one year to flow into the next. The boundary is artificial, the living is not.

Let's begin! :-)


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Hey Malign!

As I can't see, you haven't lost a second! Not a second of 'time' to keep up the good work! :( Well, happy new roman year to you! I really like your insight Tao man. In fact it makes me want to get that book as well. Funny. I don't really have a whole lot programed for today/tonight... Long story short, for my new beginning, I am currently filling a few box of "stuff" I have been hoarding a bit and that I am ready to let go of now. Yep, on new years eve. Feels good!

Anyway, Just want to wish you a Happy New Year, Cheers to new beginnings!


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Such a positive and forward looking blog, Malign. I am facinated about that book, it seems excellent.

I agree with not drawing the lines between the years. It is so easy for us to class a year as either good or bad. Each year must have some positives it is wrong to write off a whole year as I have tended to do.

Thanks for that insight.

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