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Can't think of a better word for it ...

All day, I've had alternating periods of my "down" self, not wanting to bother, and my "up" self, just doing what's needed as a matter of course. It's a bit like "rapid-cycling", only not ... I think it's more a thought process, and those I have control over. It may even be a good sign, that the "down" doesn't last. It may be telling me that it's time I made a choice.

{Plus, I had to make an entry, or AndreaB's going to pass me easily.} :-)


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No, goosey, I didn't mind what you said earlier.

I think I explained it poorly: what I meant was, when I'm up, I find it easy to do what I need to do. But that's because I'm feeling good at the same time, not just going through the motions, the way it sounded.

You don't have to take stuff back; if you feel differently later, we can always discuss it. For one thing, that process might help me to realize how I sound to others, and it might help you to see how your moods change, and either way, it might help one or both of us, or some future reader, as well.

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