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G. Damn Cycling



Started my downward slope last Friday......

I absolutely hate rapid cycling. Last week I was bullet proof, invincible and focused.

This week simply another piece of crap in a world filled with crap.

Not feeling sorry for myself just simply getting tired of cycling. It is friggin enough already.

I have been though this for years but after a while it just wears you out.

Don't bother replying, just need to vent....:mad:


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Ok tim,

well Im still venting myself, so i say go ahead vent some more, and yeah sorry had to reply coz well i wanted to thankyou for helping and trying to understand earlier ~ so yeah Thanks.

Hope your cycle is on a up soon, sorry excuse my ignorance, i dont understand how cycles work.

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Thanks for the kind note.

Cycling is just like regular bi-polar only the ups and down are much more frequent. Usually weekly or so.

In fairness, the highs and lows are not so extreme as regular bi-polar II but it sure is damn tiring.

Sometimes I wish I could just get a cabin in the woods somewhere and tell the world to F off. Just me and my dog, he my avatar, so damn cute and just a pup.

I appreciate that there are people, like yourself, with much greater issues. I grew up in a large Irish family with tons of love so I consider myself very lucky that way compared with so many abuse survivors, makes my issues seem very small.

You are an amazing person to have faced what you have and still reach out to others.

Thanks again for the note, you rock.

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Hey Tim,

Whats your puppies name, he looks kinda cute.

The rapid cycling sounds awful, seriously I have my fair share of hypers and lowpers ( thats what I call them) but usually they are meds induced, coz well the lowpers get really severe, so they hyper me up, (hmm, not sure that makes sense sorry)

Hey no ones problem is any greater than anyone elses. thats the thing, All the mental illnesses that my friends suffer from here, they are all just as harsh and just as severe, they just affect in different ways. still painful, still make each and everyone of us at times want to tell the world to "F" off.

We all are the same in our differences. thats why i feel so accepted here. Finally I can be me, with out being judged and where people actually care.

and hey, I reckon you kinda rock in your world too :D

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His name is Apollo.......Golden retriever......

Has another one before, his name was Zeus. My best friend in the entire world but he passed away in April. He was only 6 but had a bad heart.....still miss him terribly.

This new guy is a huge handful as puppies always are. Makes me laugh though as he is unbelievably stupid.

Thanks for asking.

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I thought you were talking about bicycles! Now I know what cycle means.. Hope you are getting better. I suppose a dog can help you when you are feeling down, right? And golden retrievers are absolutely gorgeous dogs!

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