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Yes, well, I finally changed my profile picture to one that's less scary, if not by much. He's still a Demented Bunny, but the ears are smaller. And this time, it's really me.

I hope you'll pardon the angle; it was meant to keep the glare off my glasses, but instead gives you an impressive view of my expansive scalp.

Anyway, laugh, cry, or recoil in horror -- that's me.

So, I've been planning for the weekend, and so far, it looks pretty good. Nice weather for Saturday, and a trip somewhere. Plenty of rain on Sunday, so that I stay in and get stuff done in the apartment. We just have to see whether I follow through or not.


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Oh, I'm just being excessively self-deprecating.

Counter-punching, maybe, now that I'm visible. :-)

Yeah, I've never even liked pink shirts, much less muscle suits. What you see is how I look at work.

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