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Glogenspiel dedication!



So today was a day full of love for me. My bf is as loving person as he was the day he met me. Or should I say, more loving, cause back then he was sooo anxious wether I like him or not. So in general we had a great day, cooking and watching a movie that in first was like a thriller but then it turned out to be a soo tender movie! It was about a husbant who -under unbelievable circumstances- he found out his (unborn then, but some months now) daughter was alive.

Anyway, they say if you are full with love, you give the rest to the others. Hope it is that way... I told to Sue and small, that I'll start showing you something that I "love to" do, or something favourite...or something from my day in my blogs, but I figured out a little melodie while thinking what video to make, so, here it is, mostly dedicated to Sue and small. And quess what!!! I persuated tingerbell herself to make us the honour and give us the notes!

Hope that makes your day!



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It's very calm. I am listening of some greek musicians on youtube, wow I had forgotten greek music!

Plus tomorrow I am going to a friend, she has just bought wii fit plus and wants me to go and try it :D I will surely do-I recommented it to her!

How are you?

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im ok thanks :(

Well I managed to go, which for me is really something I am never able to do. I havnt been to a party in about 6 years :o

I stayed for a couple of hours, I felt a bit awkward. but Im pleased I went. Im even a little proud of myself :o

oh wii fit plus, that sounds like hard work Ive done a little on wii fit, is the new one harder ?

hope you have fun :D

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You should be proud for every win you have! I used to be proud for making apart my bicycle once (the place I went to fix it did nothing-the emploee did nothing, like he was bored) and fixed it alright. It hasn't broke for years after that and I am still proud of myself, though it was just a bike! See, I didn't know anything about bikes, except riding them. And the best? My bro was standing upon me keeping on telling me that I am going to completely ruin it and separated like that, I won't be able not even to carry it for someone to fic it. But I didn't hear him a moment! And I am proud for my job even 10+ years after that. More proud than for anything I have done in my life. Stupid? I don't care! It's good to be proud for cases that you have got over yourself.

Wii fit plus is like the old wii, just it has got more games in it. I wanted to have it, but the wii costs 200 euros, the wii fit plus something like 90-100 euros, so totall 300. In the next 10 years I hope I can buy it for less. Or just fix one by myself. Lol -just kidding!

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Are you still on? Feel like listening to a greek child song? The singer is in my opinion a quality singer and composer and is so so young. The title is... "City's little lights"

And another one with Celin Dion and Marios Fragoulis (the latter is greek tenor (and has got my name, only in the...man form :D )

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I like Latin, I like country, I like classical (Mozart is GOD), I like the 60's...like rock 'n' roll. I love Jerry Lee Lewis -witch I believe WAS the real king of rock 'n' roll. Jazzy things...I really love Norah Jones (these two together!!!

) and Bobby Mc Ferrin which I recoment ALL the youtube videos you can find, cause he is such such a great talend not only as a musician or a voice, but also as inspiration, -he has so much love in him, like something devine... everything he is is perfect... but let's just pick one.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duZhnbjris8&feature=related

I like the Barbatuques (spanish body percussion group)

I also love these little guys!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhFu7kM7-ao&feature=related what a voice, what a technick! An angel!


Really a little girl with a big heart-who knows how to give personality to any song, who never exagerates to show off her voice, so she manages to show off the song she handles so maturly


He is gonna be great someday. He is already great, just he is going to be so famous and adored, I believe this. He has talent, technic, feeling, passion...he knows what he is doing. He even composes music! Search for him, you will gain many hours of joy and tears of happiness!

Recently I step upon this guy and he is really something!

But if you want something funny, this is the guy I like. He is so talanted in everything he does, from remaking music, lyrics, for composing his own music and being so ...seriously funny


(I also like Michael Jackson too!)

There are so many others...it's difficult to remember all the musics and people I like :D

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im sure that your future clients will absolutely love you. your enthusiasm shines through, and kids pick up on that :(

yeah, I wonder if the cat has one of those nets in the water to catch his fish :D

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