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wow. somehow daddy has figured out that i hate college and i'm not happy there. i thought he would be mad, that's why i didn't tell him but he's not mad. he's being nice and he says that he doesn't mind if i change colleges next year and he told me not to worry. and now i'm crying. why do silly little things like this always make me cry? i need to stop.


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yep :o

I went , then came home a little while after. felt a bit awkward, but I swear it took so much out of me just to force myself out the house and go. :D

and it was FREEZING. theres like snow everywhere. But i stayed for a couple of hours :o

Im sorry you so sad hun :(

hope tomorrow is a better day for you

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i feel really crappy today :D

i dunno why it's so hard for me to stay in college. i have to force myself to go there and then once i'm there all i want to do is leave. i had to leave earlier than usual today because i was getting really anxious :( i don't know what to do:(

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i ended up not going back to college after lunch. but that's probably no surprise!

i couldn't be bothered. i don't want to be a ceramicist anyway.

one of my housemates didn't go back either. we went to someone else's house and watched tv instead.

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Ceramicist? Wow, means making things out of clay...? I bought a book the other day, hoping to be able to make my own presents...but it turned out that I need an oven, a clay oven, not a kitchen one... so :/

Anyway, if you didn't feel to go, it's ok. But tell me something, are you at the beginning or the last years of your studies? I mean, you may not like it but you could make a profit out of it if you are at the end and have learned the job, even if you won't finish it.

I have studied something that I don't like, but I am happy I know some things about it. It makes things more easy.

And about the profit... A friend read in a magazine that there is an internet page where with a simple paypal account you can sell anything you make, from cards to jewelry.

You can definately not finish your studies if you don't want to (meaning, everybody should be brave enough to change things if they don't help him go on), but you can still make a profit out of it till you find what fits you best! I don't know how this works cause it's not greek and I have no idea about internet payments and so on, but god I'd like to make a profit out of my jewelry and cards and masks and anything I make! At least get rid of the suplies for wich I have spented so much money and now they just take up room in my home!

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I used to make necklaces, bracelets, rings, but my favorite were the earrings. Unfortunately I have left some, but I'm going to use them as presents... I am not good at selling things, just at making them.

Oh, anyway, don't imagine anything much...they are faux-bijoux, but I used to sell them to co-workers while I was working just because they knew I never made the same pattern twice..

Hope I didn't afraid so much of going out and selling them somehow! It's nice to sell something you have made...it's a sort of psyhical payment to see that...if they buy it, they like it!

So, even if you don't have a stock of clays... why not make one?

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It's ok, I just happened to work in a place with very bad people. It made me go see a consultand cause I felt soooo bad, my life was blocked, with no meaning. These days are over.

Wish I could give you any earring as a present, but we are so far away!

Sometimes I hope I lived in US. I mean...there are more net opportunities to shell your job or deal with net. We can't even buy things easilly! And let's say I dealed with net selling-greece is not a big place, I wouldn't like to be recognizable...

I don't know, I guess I am really not made for selling...

I am not a businesswoman...I am an artist -lol

Funny, I made my jewelrys from clay like cernit and fimo, and I did it as a hobby, while you study but you hate clay...

Well, I used to like it, but without profite it's too much work and lost hours for nothing...

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i would like to live in america too.

i'm not just studying ceramics, i'm trying out everything this year like painting, print, fashion and lots of other stuff. then at the end of this year we have to pick which one we will do for the next 3 years.

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Oh I'd take EVERY class! Don't think I am trying to change your mind. Not at all, I'm just expressing myself. What classes do you have to chose from? Fashion is a good one. Makeup would be nice too...

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graphic desing...that's what I did for 5 years :D Ok, they teached me some things but on the whole, they were so bad years... I don't mean that g.d. is bad, it was just the circumstances for me...

So, fashion is a little bit interesting for me, but, if you like none, so go away as soon as possible. Find the edge that will lead you to what you want to do.

I mean, I studied music for children. Through the proccess, I found out I'd like to learn guitar, dancing and pody percussion and a little bit of theater and study kiddergarden (I killed it this one), but when I finally spended 5 years in g.d. and other two to study music for children, I was too old to follow all these roads opening up for me as I really had to get a job.

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If you don't mind...Where are you from? How old are you?

Everybody is good at something, as long as he founds it. I believe that everybody has got talents.

How do you imagine the ideal work for you?

For instance I don't want to feel cold at work. I want it to be inside. I want it to be free and flexible, if I am in pain I want to be able to just sit. I want it to be creative and as long as I know how to do my job and have nothing to worry about, I don't care how difficult it may be. I don't want much stress, but not much boredom too. I want to be able to leave on time and the boss can't keep me more hours than we have dealed. I don't really want a boss but if I do I want him to respect me and my work, and willing to listen if I need something from him. I want to know the excact time and day I am working. I want friendly, positive and sencere people around me. I want to gain a little more than the average people so as to be able to work a little less if I need to, like grow up my kid if I have in the future with less hours working without have to have a bad time with my financial. I want it to be rewarding not only financial (that's why I want it to be creative). I particularly like the job I have now studied cause it has great periods off, like the summer or christmass (as schools are closed). Which of course has it's drawbacks but...who knows, it may really be a good thing.

What's your needs?

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