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Nothing at allllll????

Running around the empty house making airplane noises?

Hopping down the stairs one at a time? Or up?

Or my favorite as a two-year-old, chasing pigeons around the playground, wondering why they would never let me pet them?

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i can't marky :( i dunno why but i can't. i can't have fun anymore coz something always stops me. i dunno what it is.

i used to have lots of dreams when i was small but not anymore. they're all gone.

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Well, that would be depression.

One of the things you're going to have to do, as you recover from that, is find your dreams again, and/or make new ones.

As for fun, it won't come naturally, at first. You might have to push yourself to just do something simple, the first time or two, before it becomes fun again. You have to decide whether you're going to let the "something holding you back" win, or not.

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