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I had a dream last week that I thought I would share. I dreamed of a lobster.

What an adaptation! Covered in armor, armed with large claws, you have very few natural enemies. You're free to grow almost as big as you'd like. You eat anything you can catch, and no one bothers you.

I say "almost" as big as you want because the armor itself imposes a limit to the size of the animal. You see, the weight of the armor increases with the surface area of the animal, but muscle strength only increases linearly with the diameter. So, for instance, an "arm" that was twice as thick would be twice as strong, but the armor to cover it would be four times as heavy. As a result, you won't be seeing horror movie lobsters as big as buildings any time soon.

The other interesting thing about the adaptation of crustaceans (and insects and other things) is that their hard covering is actually an external skeleton or exo-skeleton. For some reason, the only kind of muscle that has evolved is one that contracts. That means that, in order to do work, muscle needs something to pull on. Some small animals get away with just pulling on their own tissues, but it's not very efficient. Most animals develop a skeleton. Two major paths have been followed: a skeleton on the inside, like ours, or one on the outside, that also serves as protection and waterproofing and so on.

But the obvious metaphor for emotional armor is what made me think of lobsters in my dream. And my next thought was, Take off the shell! Strangely, though, the image I got was that the shell would turn out to be completely empty. Not a helpless blob of useless muscle tissue, but emptiness, or at least, invisibility.

Am I not just helpless without armor, but actually nothing at all? That doesn't fit my world view at the conscious level, but ... It was an interesting image. Perhaps what it's telling me is that you can't convert a lobster into a person in the straightforward way of stripping off its shell. The transformation process will have to be more subtle and gradual, building a person on the inside first.


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oh dont they like the water either, i thought lobsters could swim, im sure Sabastian swims in the little mermaid ?

Oh mark :o your on about cooking them arent ya - thats kinda cruel.

I saw a real lobster when i lived in Lowestoft, they are Brown, dunno why Sabastian is red. Oh and they have really long wobbly whisker thingies, kinda like antenni :eek:

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ok just realised i have completelly missed the point (again)


those birds needed to fly a little lower :P

I understand now :o

Yes please do stay away from boiling water, love you Bro, we all do.

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totally unrelated but it's been driving me nuts all day since I saw the title.

so I have to type it

feel free to delete it

But it reminds me of the episode of friends where phoebe tells ross that rachel is her lobster cause lobsters mate for life but rachel was pissed at ross cause he wrote a list comparing her to another girl. Really rachel was just being annoying, who cares if he wrote the list, he loved her. And on the list of emilys bad things all he wrote was "she's not Rachel", oh whatever, just saying, if someone loves you that much, an apology should be enough to earn forgiveness. But this was the one with the prom video and at the end rachel finally forgave ross and when she went over and kissed him phoebe says "see, he is her lobster"

anyway it was cute

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hey star

I love that episode :P

It was very cute at the end (but also very funny seeing younger versions of them all) :)

Ok Im gonna shut up before i turn maligns blog into a friends talk show (oops) - sorry mark :o

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Wow. Yes, that is wrong on so many levels, starry. :-)

Like, someone clean the stove ...

I like my friends, Sue, so I like having them talk wherever they feel comfortable.

I wonder if lobsters ever find that they're mated to someone who drains the life out of them. I mean, I want to mate for life, too, but I don't want it to be a mistake.

Maybe I'm wanting to shed the armor for that reason: I tried to mate like a lobster, but I needed armor to survive it. Now I want to mate for love. With all the risks that entails.

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I guess, what do you expect from someone who stands their dog in their cooking pot? After all, they know where the doggy has been ...

Thank you, starry. Possibly if I approach life without the armor in the first place (and maybe, if I wave my feelers a bit more), I'll be able to tell which one's the right one. :-)

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