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ouufffff! no I am alright now. I just got all frustrated because I put so much pressure on myself sometimes. and then a few responsibilities that were supposed to get assigned to me, were left with the original person...

I mean, I forget that I am going to be fine even if I lose my job again, but all I focus on sometimes is "I'm going to lose my job, I don't make enough money to buy a decent car, to buy a house, when will my life start???" And I get really upset wanting to 'prove' that I am doing a worthwhile job and I should be 'kept', instead of seeing that I am actually doing a good job, doing the best I can, and that it is not my fault if I loose my job. I'll get another one..

I guess I don't deal well with precarious work situation. I should have been born in the 40s. Or learn to deal with stress [i am trying...] . And I should have been less of a dreamer and pick a more down to hearth field of study, that as an actual 'safe' job at the end of it, like accounting, or...something... instead of artsy fartsy and anthropololo...

If I would have handled stress better, I probably could have continued in graphic arts.

such is life.

but know, you didn't trigger any badness! don't worry, on the contrary...

Although, you should see how much stress and discomfort 'performance reviews' put me under... everytime, I feel like I'm going to faint. Awesome coping skills overhere.

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