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That meh feeling



it' s a feeling I have to disregard about 70% of the days. Maybe 100% of days right now.

I just feel like nobody really cares about me. Especially in the 3D world. Maybe I just don't try hard enough to help others and be jollie and caring and listening.

I just don't understand. I guess if it would be clear what I would have to do in order not to feel so lonely all the time, isolated, ignored, than I would do it... like a recipe to be applied.

Maybe I don't help others enough. Or when I do...It's not helpful enough?

Or maybe I am just 'lonely' no matter what. I heard about a woman who felt that way all her life even though she had a family and friends and was fairly successful in her career. Not that I have any of that, but I wish I would have ot missed that radio show. I wanted to see if there was solution because seriously. I am getting really depressed right now constantly getting cancelled on.

I know I didn't want to hang out with R anymore, but I think it was a survival thing.

I'll go for my 30 min of outside time...alone...again.

Hope you're having a good night. If anyone reads this at all. Ah!


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I read it! So there! :-P

It's quite possible to feel lonely all your life, even surrounded by loved ones. You don't have to choose that, though. :-)

Do you care about you? That's where I would start ...

I do understand about the 'meh's. It takes an effort to get moving, to be pleasant to people, to be happy, when the 'meh's are along for the ride. Maybe you could write 'Meh' on a different little slip of paper every time you feel it, for one day. Then go out the next day and scatter them to the wind! :-) Or have a tiny bonfire.

You're not alone, my friend.

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Hi Finding, I love the dog! he's so cute, he made me smile.

I am better now, just had a big crash on thursday! I am very stressed at work because I want to do good and it's a very chaotic environment and my big boss alluded to the fact that I am paid too much! It made me feel pretty sad and discouraged because I seriously work extremely hard.

He may not have realized what he was saying but to me, it's one of my triggers - a fear that I am going to loose my job. And big stress ultimately makes me depressed. I thought I chose well for this job, but now I question it. So I am proceeding with caution.

I don't really want to go back to medication and try and find a new T again, and it costs me a lot to booth! But maybe I'll have to to protect my sanity.

I feel so unsafe into this world it's pretty intense. Unsafe and alone is my predicament. So anything that triggers those thoughts is not good for me.

I have been doing lots of relaxation, eating well, and exercising to protect myself, but now I think I may have to quit this job. I just feel so sad that I am bound to live in poverty because of my anxiety and depression. That's were lies my dilemma! Because poverty, well, makes me feel unsafe too!!!! So it's a puzzle hard to solve...

Anyway, hope you are well!!!! and thank you for your thoughts!


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See I don't know. I know my job seems to be only for a year. And then limbo again. I don't know how to get out of this limbo. Not knowing where I am going to be next as caused me to not do a lot of things: never take holidays, never buy a house, never get married, etc.

I just feel really unsafe in this world is all. I try to make it better, but sometimes it re-surfaces.

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whoa, that's pretty cool...pretty AND cool! thanks finding.

Well, I did it: I went back on meds. It pains me but, it's better than watching my life crumbling down for no reason. I don't know for how long. In a mean time, I will work on that stress thing. Seems like it's the main culprit.

I just don't want the meds to run my life for one, and two, I don't want them to affect the rest of my health.

On the good news side, well, I haven't smoked in 42 days.

My bronchitis is still very bad though. Dispatching myself right now to the doc. Im on antibiotic, but don't know if it';s doing anything

HAppy Easter Finding! How are you?

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