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How do you feel when people say this..? Its not the size of the boat, its the motion in the ocean. Or, Its not what you have its how you use it......


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The Problem is when the Guys with the Big Dicks up their Game. What do we do then? What hope do we hav we then?

Exactly. Funny when this is discussed, girls always say "I'd rather have a skilled average/smaller one, than a big one who can't fuck"

So the big fella has to be awful for me to be the preference huh?

Well that's encouraging....

Whenever they come to the defense of smaller guys, it's always the big guy who is assumed to lack skill in the hypothetical scenario

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If we were to ask a Girl to describe her Perfect Man, then set her up with this scenario: there are 12 of her "Perfect Men", identical in every way except one, the only difference was their Penises; one had a 1 inch penis,

the next one had a 2 inch penis,

the third had a 3 inch penis

so on, so forth up to a 12 inch penis

and then we asked her which one she preferred/wanted, which one would she choose?

Not the titchy guys I think. Size is important.

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On 2/7/2016 at 10:20 AM, Small said:

No offence but an in/out motion isn't exactly hard to master & I imagine the room for improvement is actually rather small.

Exactly what I think when women say "it's his you use it". I mean, if you're indeed able to wiggle around and hit at different angles, is that necessarily a good thing? 


Meanwhile a bigger guy can get every spot with basic in and out penetration.

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I've been with a tight girl, and that was very arousing each stroke, too arousing it made me want to cum too quickly if I didn't control myself, I guess that what it like for a girl when she has a Big one inside her, it just feels better and she being a woman has the Bonus of having to NOT restrain herself or doing any of the Work. Sex must be great for Women!

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