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What do you hate the most about aging?


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Welcome to the community, Jones.

I hear you.

I feel my age more all the time as well. What do I hate the most? I think the changes I notice that remind me that I'm not as young as I used to be. But I think too that as I grow older, I have a deeper appreciation for everything and that's very positive.

If you'd like to share, what don't you like about aging and can you think of some positive things about it?

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I hate the fact that I can't play with my kids without getting really sore - stiff, achy muscles and joints all over after about 10 minutes or less. 

and...and...and...I was about to go on and on...but I could probably say that the worst thing about getting old is that I am afraid to take on new challenges because of a huge fear of failure and the fact that I don't feel I have enough time to invest the effort in something new and then possibly fail at it.  It literally causes me to freeze up.   But I read something recently that I think may be quite helpful.  If you're afraid of trying something new, 'Pretend you're good at it'.  In fact, write in on your arm if you need to...and look at it.  It worked for the mentally unstable author of the bestselling book "Furiously Happy" so I think it's worth a try. 

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