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A question for German speakers


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Biollante, do you find you have difficulty forming interests and staying with that interest? Did you give up on Chinese?

My daughters are very interested in animes. So next year my daughter A wants to take Japanese as an elective in school. This on top of the Spanish she will already be taking. She is motivated to learn Japanese because of her interest in anime. Sometimes it helps if there is another connection, I think. Can you think of anything that could spark a passion in you for learning the German language?

Best of luck to you. Take care.

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It occurred to me that you might use MOOCs - perhaps for learning languages but also for other reasons - this course seems it has a potential to be useful and interesting for you:


They also recommend some books, including some about learning a new language:

Most Popular Recommended Books in Learning How to Learn

We’re always interested in learning anything new.  One of the best ways to do that is to keep open to reading.  The most popular books that Barb has recommended in our weekly emails have been: 


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