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Depression Sufferer Just Diagnosed with Cancer


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I am a middle aged man who has suffered with chronic depression since I was 19.   I have had a good life where I married, raised a family, and have a good career.  Despite the seemingly ideal life, I am majorly depressed most of my waking hours.   I was just diagnosed with cancer yesterday.   I think to myself.  Is this my ticket out?  Is this cancer my final escape from depression?  If I fight this and go through all the treatments and survive then I will be back to my life of being chronically depressed.  Do I really want to beat this cancer?

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I'm sorry about your illness, Timmy. Cancer sucks. :( This diagnosis was given to you very recently and possibly you're experiencing many different thoughts and feelings right now. Deciding which treatment course to pursue (or not pursue) is a very personal decision, I think. Maybe it takes more time to know what you feel might be best for you? I hope there is someone there with you who can support you and be there for you through this.

Take care of yourself, Timmy.

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Hi TimmyStan.

My sympathies on the diagnosis. Like you, I've also had chronic depression pretty much since I was old enough to be depressed. I used to post in this community as Klingsor; some of my friends here still call me by that name. I originally joined because of SPS issues, so I know all about that as well. I have numerous other issues that I've discussed here ad nauseum. 

I agree with Beth. I think this is a decision only you can make, and it would be foolish to base that decision on what other people think. It is, however, important to realize that there are people like me who understand why you would ask this question. There are also innumerable, hateful, block-headed idiots out there who would say not receiving treatment is "giving up". These are the same people who say suicide is cowardice. The arguments and opinions of such people are worthless - swamp gas - and they only say it because the choice to leave this shithole would deprive them of people to bully, harass, and lord over. 

I think the only relevant questions will be different for each individual. What is your sense of obligation or attachments to family? What is your sense of obligation to your job? The questions and their answers are things that are relevant to you - your beliefs and perspective. I would strongly recommend discussing this with your family, at least your wife and children. I think it would be very wrong to deceive them or lie about it. For me, these are the only considerations I would have, and it would be an easy one to answer in my case. Additionally, you may be someone who might want to consider the efficacy of therapy or medication, if you haven't already. Judging by the fact that you've dealt with it for so long, I suspect you've already tried those things. 

I firmly believe that if your family cares about you, they will support your decision either way. My only advice is to be completely honest with them. It will be a hard conversation, but that's the only situation in which I would be tempted to label someone a coward, is if they tried to deceive family or loved ones because they didn't want to have the conversation. That would be wrong. 

I wish you Godspeed whatever you decide to do, and you will be a brave man either way. 

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