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(I'm going back and editing this a little bit because ~self discovery~)

Hello, hello! We just joined! I'm sorry if this gets a little long, the one typing this tends to ramble a lot and likes to make introductions.

We're a plural system of around 20 different headmates who is still figuring themselves out.If we have DID or OSDD is debatable among ourselves, but most of us don't fit the label for DID or OSDD and we mostly identify as nondisordered. Our origin was from trauma, but the way we formed was different. This does make this all very confusing and makes it hard to get help for it, mostly online systems without DID or OSDD tend to be ignored or even harassed because of it. We're hoping that this will be a good place to come. Plurality for us at the moment is very scary for us and very, very confusing and we're just trying to work together and figure it out. I'm really sorry if this sounds kind of odd, our system is actually Team Oddity for that reason. Sorry we shouldn't be here or if we're overstepping our boundaries, we know systems with DID and OSDD require more urgent help, but I promise we do need some help sometimes and we do have issues related to our plurality even without the disorder.

Anyway, here's the spreadsheet with all of us who want to be listed publicly. Our ages range from 5 years old to 18 and our physical body is 16. A lot of us aren't human, which either causes dysphoria or, with Rex, euphoria. There are also stuff with gender being different from the physical body.

Aside from that, mental illness is kind of scattered across most of us. Almost all of us have an anxiety and for some of us it can get really bad. It's mostly social and general. Almost all of us also experience some form of dissociation. At least two or three of us have maladaptive daydreaming disorder, which does create struggles with our ability to communicate at times because "what if this is a daydream". Almost all of us also have misophonia and sensory processing disorder or something like that. Some of us also have trouble with verbal communication due to not being human. We also might have PTSD but we aren't too sure.

We do have a therapist, although we can't always see her and don't have her contact information. We also don't really have anyone we can talk to about this stuff aside from her without being judged negatively, so this might help us a lot!

I'm really this got long, as I said in the beginning I ramble a lot! It's nice to meet all of you!


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Hello and welcome! :) 

I'm sorry you've been harassed and called fake. It has to be hurtful and frustrating when almost nobody understands and/or believes you... :( May I ask about the situations when it happen? I mean... how (and perhaps why) do you interact with others; do you always show them more than one of 'your identities'? If yes; is it a choice or you cannot control it? Does it change somehow spontaneously 'who / which of you' communicates with people around you? Do people hurt you when such confusions happen or is it (also?) in other types of situations? (I'm probably a bit confusing in my questions, but I'm just trying to understand you better and don't have a less 'clumsy' way, at least so far.)

'Being one' and living with a mental illness is often very difficult; having several 'parts' with different mental issues, that has to be even more challenging :( ... Do you want to share some of the difficulties it brings? Anyway, feel free to write what you need to :) . We're here at least to listen and sometimes even 'being heard' helps one to feel better. BTW; don't worry about "rambling" or "long introductions" - this forum is here also as a place "to vent" ;) . (Moreover, your post isn't even particularly long ;) !)

Take care and good luck!

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Welcome to the community, Remy. I think that all of us have different parts or aspects of ourselves to some extent. Are you able to listen to and care for all of your different parts? I hear you that this feels overwhelming at times. It's okay to come here if you need to share and be supported.

Wishing you a peaceful day. Take care.

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I have a book suggestion for you all. It's called Disappearance of The Universe by Gary Renard. I think you'd get a lot from it. It follows the belief that there is only one mind having a split personality delusion. People don't like thinking they're not separate individuals, it scares them, and yet we spend our whole lives searching for connection. Ken Wapnick called our dream lives in human bodies "A maladaptive solution to a non existent problem". And boy do we see problems, just look in the news. Anyway, welcome to the forum. ?? ☮

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