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Useless piece of meat


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So i went to the er the other day got my hand bandaged up thats about it for an infected cut.they didn't treat it in anyway just said i needed antibiotics.its been 4 or 5 days since i did it.i didn't let them do blood and when i did they said they didn't need it and now my hand is stinging and i can't go to my doctors cause my dad suddenly has work early in the morning.funny cause usually he just says he has work and never goes anywere. I dont trust it.one car is also broke so were stuck makes sense he didnt want to taxi us and that hed hide out somewere instead of going to work.doesnt matter though he doesn't care.

Moms no better shes been in the living room tending to her two other daughters.my older and youngest sisters.does she even get up to check up on me and yesterday her comment was there just gonna bandage it and thats it why are you even going to the er.well i guess mom was right and they didn't do crap and so i told im not gonna do crap despite what the doctor saying its infected and in need of antibiotics i plan to just let it fall or let it become poison in my blood stream since im such a useless piece of dog meat to her and my father.

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The hospital didnt prescribe anything and when i walk.i feel pain my hand.

I did feel ignored some as a kid sometimes by mom but mostly by my father.its hard to explain he was there in my life but not there. He played sports with us at the park and sometimes board games.but now as an adult he feels his job is done.hes like i have four kids and i didn't have to pay child support for any of them.he stays cooped in his office most of the time on facebook talking to his fans from the poetry show he runs.or on the phone.

He often is against when my siblings say something against me in fact i often prefer being alone with each of them cause it just turns to drama when there together.

Trying to talk to my parents is like pulling a horses teeth without anithese.my dad gets real mad when his plans are interrupted.he says tommorow he can take my brother to school not me to my appointment.knowing my dad he feels me getting better is not as important as his sons education.hed choose them over me any day id do better jumping but im no were near a bridge high enough.

The security and hospital would be grateful no longer would they have to worry about the girl who constantly failed to do herself in.

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