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Newish here. Just want to thank you all.


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Hello everyone. 

I have been a long time lurker on his website and more specifically this sub topic.


I have read mostly everything and I just want to say I know exactly how you all feel. I used to be a happy confident guy but one day I woke up and I haven't been the same since. For around the past year every second of my day has been taken by the same thoughts- I have a small penis and what can I do to make it bigger. I think it all started when I made the huge mistake of asking my wife then girlfriend if she had had a bigger penis before. I knew the answer before I had asked the question. I almost tried to stop myself from asking but didn't. 


In in the last year I got married and had a baby and still all I can think about is this. I spend all my day on websites reading the same stuff over and over again trying to believe the lie when people say size doesn't matter. I now look at myself as nothing but a fat hairy guy with a tiny penis. My wife says everything is fine but that means nothing to me now  


i thought I was the only man in the world who felt this way until I found this website and as horrible as it is to feel this way the fact I'm not the only guy like this makes me feel a bit better. Reading some of your stories the similarities to our stories are frightening. 


I know none of what I wrote probably makes sense but I just wanted to thank each and every one of you on here. The fact you take the time out your day to help out strangers really makes me smile. 

Thank you. 



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Welcome to the community. I'm glad that feeling a sense of community here on the site has been comforting in some way to you through your struggles. Knowing that makes me smile.

I'm sorry that you have been feeling insecure with yourself. :( I'm not sure what to say that might be helpful. We're here to listen.

I hope to hear more from you in the future. Congratulations on your marriage and new baby. I hope you are able to enjoy some peaceful, loving moments with your new family.

Take care.

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Try not to dwell on your wife having been with someone who had a bigger penis too much, it's particularly toxic and can slowly deteriorate an otherwise perfect marriage/relationship. And so what if some guy was bigger, she didn't marry him, she married you. I bet if she was to describe you she wouldn't be so harsh, she'd probably say a great husband and a loving father, not fat, hairy with little dick. If I was you, I'd talk to her about how you're feeling, it's staggering what people don't know about us even though we're convinced they do. She's your wife, your lover and confidant. I guarantee she'd be supportive and loving. Don't let it get in the way too much, I wasted a lot of time in the past living in fear and denial and it isn't worth the bother. And if the internet and blogs regarding penis size etc bring up anger then avoid them like the plague. I come here now for the odd grumble and to catch up with everyone suffering from this bollocks, if it made me unhappy or angry I'd drop it like a shitty flannel. Do what makes you happy, brother. ☮

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