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Small Penis Poll!


Small Penis Poll (Anonymous)  

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  1. 1. What best describes your sexuality?

    • Heterosexual
    • Homosexual
    • Bisexual
  2. 2. I'm the fairy godmother, I'll grant you one wish!

    • Make me rich
    • Make me handsome
    • Give me a big penis
  3. 3. Are you comfortable with your socio-economic situation?

    • Yes
    • No

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This is a fantastic poll Herr Small. As you and I have discussed privately, I think latent bisexuality plays a strong part in more extreme cases of SPS, and probably contributes to my levels of self-hatred. I honestly chose to be rich simply to get away from people, but it was a hard decision. I'm not sure I'd select it if asked again. Of course I hate my socio-economic situation.

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1 hour ago, Klingsor said:

I think latent bisexuality plays a strong part in more extreme cases of SPS

I feel that this may be due to the fact that many men with SPS feel emasculated. Being bi gives this type of personality the ability to wholly satisfy another because penis size, as a bottom, is not important and many guys who are larger like the dominance feeling that comes with having a larger penis than their lover.

It's a way for guys with SPS to deal with the self loathing that comes with being inadequate.

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Probably big penis since life among people might become bearable. But it's indeterminate between those two, I have no wish to be "pretty". 


Small and I have discussed this a lot and I agree with you. I think it's the feeling of emasculation. It goes back to this concept of animal sexuality and homoeroticism and the fetishism of the male body. It's even represented in everyday language by commonly using the word "tool" (I.e. An instrument of action) as a euphumism for a penis. Penis size obsession is nowhere as rampant as it is in the gay community, and this makes sense especially for two gays who are both masculine. Something has to establish the dominant partner. I think this holds true even for trans and cross dressers because in essence they remain masculine. 

The conclusions are inescapable and I do think many of us have latent homosexual inclinations. Contrast this with members like victim and retrojohn who can be considered as classically straight.

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Interesting stuff guys. It's no surprise that right around the time my penis should have been growing, I messed around with this guy. (Basically masturbated with him but we also used our mouths on eachother on very rare occasions, I remember he was surprised that I wasn't growing). That was my only homosexual encounter ever. I didn't select "bi" in the poll because I just am not interested in guys. The closest I come is to my NFL football team's hot new Quarterback (my boy, Jimmy Garoppolo, look him up and tell me he's not fucking hot as fuck. But anyways, I actually had one of my closer friends (who ultimately turned out to be a sociopath) try to fool around with me when he was drunk a few years back and I kept pushing him off me. But, looking back it's like, he would have probably sucked a good dick (he was so queer, like SO queer) and I'm getting into the mind set that love is love and pleasure is pleasure (especially since I'm SPS) so like, whatever. But I'm just not attracted to that. But I do love oral sex so...hmm.

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49 minutes ago, Small said:

It's interesting that so far (6 votes) only 1/3 of sps publishers are straight! And of those two, one has had sexual experiences with a male.

I marked bisexual because I've been with guys before but it's been a very long time. I definitely prefer females but I have had male experiences in my past and I wholly believe that this is due to my insecurities because guys don't really turn me on like girls.

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It's too vague and broad. Every situation depends on what I feel like in the moment. I'm not straight, that isn't accurate. I'm not gay, that isn't accurate. And I'm not bi because that would still imply that I find men attractive on some level, which again isn't accurate. I'm a predominantly heterosexual chimp who enjoys homosexual fantasies if the mood takes me. I pretty much watch straight porn (BBC BBW pawg, cubby etc) exclusively, but again, if the mood takes me I'll watch anything that is turning me on that day. It sounds like I'm making excuses but I find labels useless when sexual thought is so fluid and enjoyable. 

I'd be rich. 

And I'll be fine and dandy with my socioeconomic hoorah when I'm rich. 

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