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no reason to live


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 Hi guys. I was on Tumblr and see something about this community. Im sorry for my english, im Brazilian. Anyway...

I I have no reason to live. Okay, i have friends, i have my family, but i feel like they dont really care about me. Im such a mess and nobody gets that. I cant be someone's friends for more than a year, everybody leaves. Im done with that. I try to make people stay with me, in my life, but they dont want to. I cant go to partys, im not funny, im not friend material. Im just super depressed and no one wants to be around me. That really sucks. I feel like i have no reason to be in this world. If i die no one will care. I just want to die. 

I know that no one will read this. Is like things work for me: nobody cares :)


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Welcome, Waldorf. I did read your post. There are people out there who care, though I can understand it doesn't feel that way right now. I'm sorry you feel depressed. :( How long have you been feeling this way? Has something happened in your life recently? Would it help to share more about it?

I hope you treat yourself with compassion and kindness today.

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Hello, Waldorf, welcome!

I'm sorry you feel this way :( . I know it now seems impossible to change, but you can never know what will happen. There are many people who felt depressed and suicidal and have found healing and felt like born again, living a "normal" life and even enjoying it. When you're depressed, it feels like this could never happen to you, but it's only your depression (and, so far bad, experiences) speaking.

IJ has already posed good questions; I would also ask if there's some professional help available to you (psychiatrist and/or psychotherapist).

I hope you'll experience some improvement soon...

Tae care!

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