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Question for any woman lurking on here


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So I recently had posted that I was happy 85 percent of the time,  here is an example of the 15 percent.  

Last night I came home and my wife was ready for me.  Long story short we did the deed but about halfway through she said I don’t think I’m going to finish go ahead.  I offered to use other methods and those didn’t work either.  So I finished  In the past I would have been extremely dissapointed right Away and it would have probably ruined my next day.  I would have felt guilty that I finished but she didn’t.  Also I would have wanted to have sex again the very next day maybe as a way to “prove myself”.  Last night i made a decision to say to myself “it’s ok, it’s only one time,  she is ok”. I still had the feelings of not getting the job done for her but I am trying to fight them now.  

Question for the women, when this scenario happens,  some of us on this forum probably feel that it’s because of our size and nothing else.  What goes through your minds?  Are you dissapointed?  Does this happen with men of all sizes?  Is there anything you say or do to reassure the man?  

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I think it's part of human nature to at times assign what we personally believe or how we feel about something to others, when in reality things could be vastly different for them.

Personally, I did not particularly care during past intimate acts with my husband whether I "finished" or not...because that was not what was important or what mattered to me. What has always counted for me (and I have nerve damage now that prevents this anyway) is the connection and the sharing.

I don't know if that's helpful to know...but it's not possible to know how an individual might feel, I don't think, without asking the person. Maybe she loves being with you and enjoys bringing you pleasure?

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On 2018-03-17 at 6:02 PM, Sea182018 said:

What goes through your minds?  Are you dissapointed?  Does this happen with men of all sizes?  Is there anything you say or do to reassure the man?

First question: Impossible to generalize, but I'd say mostly that I'm happy he enjoyed it and hope he won't be too sad / disappointed because of me.

2) It depends: If I knew from the beginning that "my chances are low", then not at all.

3) I'm sure that yes, but prove is unavailable.

4) I try to reassure him I don't mind.

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On 2018-03-19 at 6:03 AM, YOTH said:

@Griz what a brilliant time lol. Fill your boots now, because once she's in the club that'll be over for a few years haha

It’s true, it probably would be over for a few years. And I would be happy with it. I personally don’t like sex. It’s sort of boring for me. Until we started putting on the cock ring. Makes me feel bigger 

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