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Everything’s bad again


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So everything is bad again and I don’t know what should I do anymore. I lost important people in my life in the past months. I stopped going to my therapist because of an issue with her and my parents. I feel like I’m falling into a black hole again, even though I don’t want to. I keep telling myself that everything is ok but the truth is that it’s not. I don’t know for how much I will hold on. 

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Hey, Renni, how are you? 

Have you found a new therapist already? It's sad that yours had a problem/conflict with your parents. But there are other therapists, even better-ones, one just has not to give up and search.

Would you like to write more about your losses? Sometimes it helps at least a little bit to share what happened and how it has made you feel. We're still here to 'listen'...

Take care!

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