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You just can't avoid it. It never stops.

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The constant jokes and negative references. And everytime you hear it, a little joke or snicker, it stings. My two recent examples were both harmless and not directed at me, but it just reminds me that our culture may never treat this issue like the whole trans/gay/disabled issues.

The first one was at work. I deal this game Baccarat where if the players play on a minimum $50 bet table, they get to handle the cards. I gave the initial two cards dealt to whatever side he was betting (I think it was player) but when I drew the third card, instead of handing it to him for him to check it, I just exposed it. He freaked out, and was very rude, and then left the table. My pit boss came over and apologized on his behalf saying that he is on his last warning for ripping cards (the only thing you can't do with the cards) and that he is always angry for some reason and that it must be "a small penis issue".

The most recent one was on Facebook. I posted this picture of this I came across at a bathroom at the Racetrack where I play Texas Hold Em occasionally,


One of the first comments (which I deleted) was "Yeah it's pathetic, just look at how small it is! LOL"

SIgh...oh well, anyways how is everyone? Good? That's good. Keep your heads up and hope you find a girl that doesn't care your cock is small but is not crazy and ends up ruining your relationship for no real reason.

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