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Having a bit of a rough patch. Looking for help


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@Smallbeans - thanx for asking.  I am doing ok.  Just trying to do my best w everything really.  Trying to lose a few pounds and get fit, stay ahead of the bills and have a little fun now & then so that life isn't too depressing.  

Actually really enjoyed just relaxing at home last night because it was Friday night and there was no pressure.  It was great.  I drank tea and decaf and did some exercise & watched TV etc and was in my world.  

I work full time and am hoping things stay good w that and trying to prepare myself for what I will do if it doesn't.  Also I have a house that equally brings me joy and misery and I think a lot about what the future holds for that.  

I have 2 friends that I see regularly but wish I had more however in the past some friends turned out to not be such good friends and wasted a lot of my time so I have to be careful.  

How about you?  What is your situation w regard to these and other things?  


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@Victimorthecrime good to hear things are ok. Like you said sometimes the best thing to do is just try your best with everything and hope it all works out. 

Apart from this recent little episode I’m having I’ve been doing ok. My work is good. The pay is really good now. 

Been out drinking a little bit more with some new work mates. Looking to hopefully set up a 5-a-side game sometime during the week. 

You say about your full time job if it doesn’t work out. Is it a temporary contract? 

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It's a full time regular employment job but all these companies love to have layoffs so that's what worries me.  It has happened to me in the past and it really sucks.  BUT the good news is that by worrying I do prepare more than I would otherwise.  

Glad you are doing well work-wise abs enjoying coworkers.  Just be careful sometimes things can get dicey w coworkers.  If one of 'em fucks up they tend to wanna drag everyone down with them.  

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Hi, @Smallbeans, seeing that you've suddenly become more depressed, it reminded me of a problem I'd heard about: Some people taking an antidepressant that works well for them, usually after several years, become depressed again because the medication suddenly stopped working. They thus need to see their doctor and get a new prescription and the new med can then make them feel well again. I wonder therefore if you take medication and if yes, if this could be your case. (Just BTW, one source where I heard about it is this podcast - the interviewed woman mentioned that this had once been her problem: http://meaningoflife.tv/videos/40197)


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@LaLa hey there :) 

thank you for the information. 

I have been on the same medication(paroxetine) for around 1.5 years now so that could be it. I had never even thought of something like that happening. 

I have my regular check up coming up soon so I will ask my gp about and see if he can recommend a new med or maybe a higher dose. 

Thank you again. 

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