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Do any of you care more about your flaccid than you do your erect size?

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For me the biggest issue is my small flaccid and not being able to have a normal bulge, my flaccid varies from 1.5-2.5 inches (depending if im laying down, I have terrible bloodflow when laying down) and my bone pressed flaccid biggest I have got was like 4.3 inches so if I lost weight my flaccid would still realistically only be like 3.5 inches, studies say that is average but I disagree, at least it doesn't look average on a 6'3 guy

I care more about my flaccid than my erect honestly, erect size is for the ladies, flaccid is for my confidence and me

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I know I answered this before in one of the earlier instances of this question, but this is my whole issue as well.  The happy part of this for me is how my wife empathises with me for my flaccid size.  She never liked being seen naked by other women, and she gets 100% why I would not want to be naked in front of other men.  Of all the guys she has seen (a couple dozen, I'd estimate) I have the most variable size, you could say.

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