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I guess I've managed to piss off another member of the community since I can no longer see her post. For what it's worth I was not trying to come across as threatening and there was so subliminal intent behind the article I linked. All I was trying to do was give another example of how much penis size affects men's psychological well being. I personally would never pursue a relationship with a woman as much for her sake as mine, since my SPS and insecurity would make it miserable for her as well as for me, even in the extraordinary even that the sex was satisfactory to her on some level.

InLuvWSPSman sorry if I made you uncomfortable or offended. 

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No, you did nothing wrong, Klingsor. Sometimes members want their posts/accounts deleted for their own reasons. It didn't have anything to do with you or what you wrote. I apologize; I should have written and told you the post would no longer be visible.

Hope you're as okay as you can be.

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