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Hope its ok i make a new post.... its kind of urgent

I am a long term sufferer of SPS( I havent had sex for 8-9 years I think....thats right years)

Now I have met a girl who has been with a lot of guys and she is really into me...... We havent had sex yet but it's getting close.

So far we have been fooling around in bed and I absolute cant help getting a boner on when we are doing this.

My erect penis is 6 inches and I am thin so she should be able to know that something is there, but it's small.

My question is this: Does she know by now that I have a small penis? Are women able to determine ones size by bumping into it while fooling around with a guy who has a hard on? 

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Woman typically associate small with length, it's probably better to say you've got a thinner penis

Penis sizes vary so much from flaccid to erect that unless she's seen your penis erect she shouldn't have any indication it's thin, my best advice is to not make a big deal about it or if you want to bring it up just bring it up casually and act like you're just saying it offhandedly so you don't show you're worrying about it because woman value confidence a lot

Edit: Only just noticed you said with a hard on, my bad I misread, she shouldn't be able to tell though if it's just bumping into it and it's under clothing

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Nowadays adequate is not good enough. I know people in here would kill for 6 inches, but technically it is a SPS forum and lord knows I have that condition. Even if I am within the average in terms of lenght, its in the small part and my penis as a whole is small. And this girl is very beautiful.

She must fucking know though..... She must have been able to feel its smallness i'm sure.

well if she throws  me away when she see it, I will be devastated. I have to look for another girl

you need to be vigilant and have brass balls with a small penis

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Just be yourself, relax and pre-heat the oven. Women love foreplay and most men don't do it for long enough. Kiss her neck, kiss her stomach, do whatever she seems to like. Tell her how beautiful she is. Then, when she's wetter than a British August, give her a bit of the old in and out lol. It'll be fine, just enjoy it. 

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46 minutes ago, therebetruth said:

I think you mean 'a British anytime'

I was looking out the window as I wrote it lol. We had a cracking month of heat in July, the sun cracked the flags pretty much every day. I was glad to see the back of it tbh. This country is one big swamp, too humid for all that heat. 

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