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I would recommend this interview (also) to all the SPS sufferers:


It's a bit more for women (than men), but it can show to men how many women suffer around somewhat similar issues.

Also, while listening, I came with a new hypothesis about those disgusting moronic women who chat about their "preference for bigger size": They are so insecure about their bodies and/or so uninformed and misinformed by porn that they blame men's "size" for their own failures and faults and they need to talk about it to somehow "reassure themselves" that "that is the reason they are/were not satisfied". I know it doesn't explain more that a part of the cases, but I suppose it's worth considering as one of the possibilities and one of the reasons why men shouldn't believe those who say "size matters". In the podcast, you can hear about some of the things that truly matter.

I hope it'll be helpful / insightful for at least some of you...

(BTW; she mentions that a masseuse told her that 90% of her female clients apologize (to her) for their body before a massage. Hm...)

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Yes we know many women have body issues. Men do too. It's ridiculous to assume men don't have the same issues. I hate my body. I hate being naked even when i'm by myself but I would never apologize to a stranger for it.

They never mention penis size in that discussion but as for your own hypothesis, you may be right to a point but the fact is women will always find a larger penis more enjoyable and hence more desirable. Why some women feel the need to talk about this stuff is beyond me but then I don't understand much about women as they've never been a part of my life.


When she was talking about that workshop where guys learn to stroke the clitoris of many women I thought how the hell does that happen? I can't even get one women to let me do it let alone "many". I must live in a different world.

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I know those awful feelings of doubt, total inadequacy and scheduled meditation to end size inadequacy.  some of my sanity today comes from being a nudist.  People accepted me and I made many friends.  Looking to do more of the same in the future if I find others of like mind.

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