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11 hours ago, Victimorthecrime said:


Yeah I a not a fan of humiliating people be it through lie detector or ambush or anything.  

Also, who is to say the lie detector result is the truth/accurate? 

Just watching a discussion where they are talking about how 2 other reality show participants on a show called Love Island took their own lives too, some time after appearing on it.

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7 hours ago, Victimorthecrime said:

We have a guy Maury Povitch whose entire show is humiliating women & sometimes men over paternity test results.  Brutal stuff.  

Looked up the Maury show and does seem like the Jeremy Kyle one.

Love Island is a dating show, contestants seem as if they would not have a care in the world but a lot of parading, ridicule and  rejection goes on. 

It's like that show The Bachelor too, lots of misguided girls getting rejected trying to chase a "bighead",  wanting to get famous.

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