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Joggers (men’s apparel)


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I hate these fucking things more than codpieces.


They were designed for exactly one purpose - to show a man’s genitals. They’re even worse than those skin tight blue jeans men used to wear in the 60’s and 70’s because the dudes who like to wear these habitually go commando in them so you can see everything swinging and flopping around. Shit like this used to be worn only by white trash, chavs, ghetto thugs, etc. but now it’s the favorite attire of college students. It’s all about animality. Everything is relative except flesh. Morals, ethics, justice, right/wrong, philosophy is all subordinate and relative to the flesh. I was reading world news just now and clicked this story from Al Jazeera about Hong Kong protests, and what’s the first thing that greets my eye front and center: 


A masked thug in thug attire with a clear, distinct dick bulge. Ideology, intent, context, story doesn’t matter. It’s a fit, young male in form fitting clothes displaying masculinity. I checked the writer - a woman. Claiming this can’t be overt and is therefore ridiculous is a red herring by people addicted to the superstition of “rationalism” attempting to mitigate or ignore the influence of the subconscious in our day-day behavior. I guarantee you whoever took that photo did so for the reasons I mentioned. It’s an eye grabber and click bait.

The future is phallicism. It is the religion of the future. Take that however you want. Feminism and “toxic masculinity” will be merged in the final synthesis into phallicism. They are two sides of the exact same coin and there is no room for anyone like me. If you identify with me there’s no room for anyone like you. The mgtow, manoephere is the toxic masculinity side of the coin and is as far from sympathetic to our plight as feminists are. There is no difference between the nazi SS lebensborn stud farms and the hypergamous female sexual  liberation of today. It’s genetic hegemony which means a tyranny of phenotypes. No male alive would voluntarily accept a smaller dick. Not one. Anyone, but most especially men, who claims penis size doesn’t enter into this equation needs their jaw caved in with a brick. 

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Really?  Both photos look rather typical to me in regard to bulge, not particularly attention-drawing.  I honestly think those particular examples were not selected for the bulge factor, although you are surely right that it is done intentionally in many places. This discussion reminds me of the dude who walked into a fast food joint when i was probably 14 or 15...he had cutoff sweat pants that barely covered the enormous dick draped down his thigh.  That was one of those early moments when i questioned my own size.  Yeah, Im sure he had sex galore, but damn, that guy was gross and tacky as hell.  

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The photo with the model was just to show the type of apparel I’m talking about. Most advertisements for them don’t depict large bulges. As for the news article, I zeroed in on it immediately, however I’m obsessed so probably focused on it more. But his penis is clearly visible. Like most of the stuff I post, it’s anecdotal examples to support a wider theme. What I’m saying here is that this fashion is designed to be form fitting and revealing, but in a way that if you bring it up you’re immediately accused of being gay or gutter minded. When I was in high school, everything for guys was baggy - baggy shirts, baggy jeans, baggy shorts. Now it’s all skin tight skinny shit that is meant to show every bulge, vein, muscle or lack thereof. Men have become nothing more than breeder stallions. What repulses me more though is that my specific problems are rooted in the fact that I’m envious and jealous that I can’t be one. 

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Ok, i get you on the model photo.

I think guys do mostly notice this and make unspoken comparisons.  This is torture with SPS.

It does not plague me so much now the way it once did, but i do sometimes feel that nagging dark cloud when a big bulge is there.  On the other hand, i have noticed that a lot of guys really don't have much going on there.  I'm thankfully not as obsessed these days.  I know how much the feeling sucks...but it's understandable.

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