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What would you do?

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Obviously, a question for SPS sufferers. If your wife or significant other tells you that they want an open marriage/relationship after 10 years of being together, would you:

a. Yes, of course. Anything you want to make you happy.

b. Yes, with reservations.

c.  No, we should work on our relationship.

d.  Hell no.  Hit the highway.

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Generally, that proposal is made with an effort to make it attractive for the the husband.

However, that seldom works out.  Women find it much easier in the vast majority of cases to find recreational partners better than the husband (especially if the woman is not being satisfied at home).

Hell no, I think would be the appropriate answer.  I never got the question, but might have been enticed by it, thinking maybe other women would be more responsive to me.

In fact, I opened my first marriage for myself in secret (cheating) for just that reason.  No doubt my first wife would have found other men much better in bed if we had opened the marriage, just as she did after we divorced!

We were idyllically in love when we married.  But it turned-out I wasn't who either of us thought I was.

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3 hours ago, Victimorthecrime said:

Why was it rough?  

Dunno really, the usual suspects?Addiction, depression and becoming a zombified husk of my former self. Turns out I'd never been depressed before, not at any point in my whole life, but I only realised that when I was actually depressed, until that point I had nothing to compare it to. It was honestly the worst feeling I've ever felt. But that was then, just need to focus on the future. 

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