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Uptight got in touch with me recently about what I thought about the pandemic. I just wanted to come clean why I have been absent.  I was a frequent flyer in here for a time, as you know, because I was in distress.  I learned from your comments, suggestions and opinions about a topic (SPS) I never really contemplated about in any real fervor.   I reached a point where there was longer a need for me to talk/be involved in these discussions.  There was no personal issue with any one of you, but rather I moved on from my despair of my short penile stature.  So, I thank you.  I wish you all well and stay healthy during this troubling time.

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I understand.  I read posts and sometimes contribute.  I am comfortable and confident in myself.  Yet, reading posts on this site will sometimes help me focus again on what’s important to me.  I will not let my penis size define me.

Also, I want to sometimes provide my thoughts to others to help someone who might be suffering.  The reality is that any self image issues related to having a small penis is not a mental health issue accepted and discussed in society.  We are kind of on our own.  So, we should try to support each other when we can.

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