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Other than not being a sports fan, I honestly don't know how I never came across this. This story is pure gold and condenses everything I've tried to say all these years that a bbs (intentionally) disperses in a thousand different directions...the irony is also rich in that it was YouTube's psychological torture algorithm which led me to it. 

There is a sports blog called "Barstool Sports" which bills itself as "By the Common Man, For the Common Man". They have a YouTube channel called Barstool Shorts that has been described as a "virtual frat house". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barstool_Sports#cite_note-stevens2011-46

Any indications of feminists or faggots yet? 

No? Well here's what the founder of the "common man, good-ole-boy, working-class-hero, dude-bro" sports blog said about Tom Brady's [then] 2-year old son, referring to a nude photo of the kid on a beach: 


Just swinging low like a boss. That's what MVP QB's do. They impregnate chicks and give birth to big dicked kids.

Howard Stern, who has publicly admitted to having a small dick, ripped this guy a new asshole. https://www.complex.com/sports/2011/08/howard-stern-slams-a-sports-blogger-for-posting-a-naked-photo-of-tom-bradys-kid

Of course, like any good member of the SPS forum, the piece of shit Portnoy tried to walk it back with the old, "hey buddy, if you take it the wrong way then that's YOUR problem...ain't NO HOMO, BRO!" 

And of all people, it was a female prosecutor who took up the child's case as sexual harassment, and rightfully so. 

So we have an ostensibly beer-chugging, titty-ogling male sports blogger calling a professional football player's two year old son's dick a "howitzer" and remarking that good genes "make big dicked kids", while a female attorney takes the decent approach and labels it for what it is - perversion and sex offense. 

If you do not understand the point I'm making with this post, or if you are so irrationally emotional that you continue to believe SPS is solely due to the presence of the female gender on planet earth, you either have no reading comprehension ability or you are the male version of venom-spitting, screeching feminist and your hatred of women overrules every higher level brain function you may have. In either case, you don't deserve the anger I feel in attempting to convey any of this and find a place to fit in with a small dick and the chronic psychological torture that accompanies it. So this is my last post because it is a summation of everything I've tried to say in hundreds of posts. 

Oh I'm sure I'll be told this analysis is all wrong...it's an isolated thing, most men don't think like this, the guy's a pervert, etc., etc. Just like the pure as snow professional athletes who said Trump's Access Hollywood comments weren't locker room talk because real men have images of the Virgin Mary hanging in locker rooms. Sure. 

The OutSports article I've linked a dozen times is enough to convince anyone looking at this with neutral eyes that there is a male component in SPS. But as usual it's just ignored. Out of sight, out of mind. There seems to be a real conspiracy of silence surrounding this topic that is enigmatic to say the least. 

**NB4 "JEEWWWWS!! PORTNOY IS A (((((((((JEW))))))))" that's not an explanation. If you want me to take that seriously, explain why Jews seem to have a proclivity for this sort of thing if that's what you believe...is it because they have tiny dicks, thereby proving the validity of this forum and the reality of SPS? And how did he make the blog and the YouTube channel so successful if he doesn't know how to market and sell content to his target audience..."a virtual frat house" and the "common man"? Isn't that what Jews are good at, marketing? So which is it...does his audience eat this kind of shit up because he's working some sort of Talmudic magic on them or do they eat it up because this is the "meat" of the common man's cultural table? 

I could go on, but it will just be ignored or mocked. Anyone with honest intentions will understand what I've tried to say, I don't care about anyone else because it's no different than talking to a militant, block-headed feminist. Like dog shit, they are peripherally sighted, avoided, and subsequently ignored. 

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Yeah, it must be instinctual.

I remember when I attended a back yard "swim party" as a pre-schooler.  Maybe the oldest kid was 6.  I and others were as young as 4, many 5.

I was told to go to the basement and where the boys changing into swim suits.  They were comparing dicks, putting each other down instead getting their suits on promptly.   The biggest, laughing, showed off his large hanging equipment while other gawked.  Erections were not in evidence.

I immediately realized I was way smaller than everyone I saw, almost threadlike and retracted.  I said I have to go pee and someone pointed the way.  I changed quick in the bathroom!

I was stunned.  Never been the same since.  I often wonder if my personality would have been different if I participated like the rest in the competition instead of fleeing.

Of course, sps is a male hierarchy / status thing.  I guess it rubs off on some women.


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https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/08824096.2020.1796616#:~:text=A repeated measures one-way,fathers%2C brothers%2C and sisters.


Adult male participants from the United States completed online surveys measuring praise and criticism from specific sources, male body dissatisfaction, and muscle dysmorphia. Results suggested that men reported receiving highest levels of criticism from male peers and highest levels of praise from romantic partners. Criticism from female peers was more closely related to muscle dysmorphia than criticism from other sources. We also found that praise from romantic partners was linked with lower levels of muscle dysmorphia and body dissatisfaction, whereas praise from male peers was linked with higher levels of muscle dysmorphia and body dissatisfaction.


I know, I know....I'm a shill for the Deep State and Big Pharma and the shitlib-fascist-communist-jewish-zionist-muslim-feminist-gay-newworldorder-industrial-complex, so you will immediately dismiss this as fake news. 

But in the real world, outside the wonderland of the Mental Support Community's Small Penis Forum, SPS is competition among men, has always been an issue among men.

No Comrade! When we reach new utopian sexual proletariat heaven, and all women and gays are killed, we will stand around the BBQ and sing and play guitars and listen to JOe Rogan! What bliss! Dictatorship of the Tiny Dicks!

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I sometimes watch these YouTube compilations of fights, public freakouts, "Karens getting Karma", etc. It's fascinating because you get to see people completely unfiltered and "in the wild", so to speak, away from the online forums where they engage in all the intellectual gymnastics to feel better about themselves. They get a lot of views probably because human beings - despite all the "GOOD VIBES ONLY" and "POSITIVITY" people - love negativity and anger like pigs love to wallow in shit. 

In the clip below, several observations can be made:

One, it is a real-world example of what I posted above, a man judging another man sexually. It begs the question, if he knows he's better looking than the guy he's raging at, how does he know this without some understanding of what makes a man good looking and desirable? I have said it before, but the NO HOMO BRO and BronzeAgeFaggot crowd is more judgmental of another man's looks than any women who has ever existed. 

Second, it shows that racial animosity is driven by sexual motivations more than anything else. White supremacism is driven by beauty supremacism, nothing else. IQ, progress, morality...it's all bullshit. It's light-haired, light-eyed whites in total love with their bodies and face. It cuts across political boundaries..."scratch a hippy, find a fascist!" is very true. The blonde, long haired hippy with flower tattoos selling weed nourishes a deeply held belief that she is sexually superior, but she pursues progressive causes to maintain psychological equilibrium, as opposed to the pure supremacist who feels no need and derives satisfaction directly. 

P.S. you don't see it here, but when these videos feature two males going at one another, the number of "bros" they hurl is directly proportional to the anger intensity. When every other sentence begins/ends with "bro" you know fisticuffs aren't far off. 


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Same is true for all the transsexual and LGBT hate. It's much easier to hate and kill the thing that tempts you because you're ashamed of desiring massive cock to suck on and are too much of a chickenshit to self-reflect and come to grips with it. Much simpler to just destroy the thing that tempts you, rather than commit to the internal struggle since you know you're too weak to resist it. 

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Fascinating. Aries seems to be suggesting that men actually judge other men by penis size: 

DJV: I don't like showering around other men. Do you?

AS: No ... that's only because when I'm not aroused I don't want motherfuckers to see my "Bruce Banner", I need 'em to see my "Hulk" ... if I'm gonna be nude around some motherfuckers, don't catch me at my "Bruce Banner". 

DJV: ... Ok, so you don't like a dude who might be gay looking at your dick.

I wonder what dvnj22 would make of this exchange. Perhaps some of the Masters of Subtlety of the Mental Support Community Small Penis Forum could offer to go on DJ Vlad's show and set the record straight on all this. Furthermore, Vlad defined a homosexual as a "dude looking at another dude's dick", yet Aries just said he doesn't want to shower around other dudes if his cock is in hibernation. Huh??

Aries is probably gay. Maybe they both are. Yes, I'm sure that's it. You can hear the timbre of their voices change perceptibly when this topic is broached, hear how uncomfortable this makes them. We're into the type of discussion that is better left in the shadows of Grindr at 2 AM when you want some Down Low ass and/or dick. 

Life sure is complicated on the Small Penis Forum. Nothing makes sense. 


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