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Greta’s Scorn, Andrew’s Pizza, and Elon’s Tiny Testicles: A Modern Drama


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Seems like the public, or at least the internet literate public, has finally reached the point where this forum was 10+ years ago. This story has it all: 


Small Dick Men are the root of all evil and the archenemy of Life

Having money and owning a lot of shit is compensation for having a small dick

Elon thinks big dicks are “cool” while mocking another man’s tiny testicles…so is it better to have a Big Cock or Big Balls?

The cultural, spiritual, and moral crisis of our time: insecure toxic men with small penises. 

So. As Victim put it many years ago ⤵️

“What is to be done”? (I will find the thread later).


Question: would anyone like to join me in creating a visible movement to force society to confront this and stop pussyfooting around this question? If we’re the existential threat to life itself, if all war, death, destruction, misery is due to small dick men, then round men up and throw them in clinics to be measured and kill us. Kill us! We’re a threat to Life so we should simply be killed to bring utopia.

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Hey @Klingsorsaw my mention, thought I would chime in. First, happy new year 2023 to you and everyone.  

Ahhh Business Insider, it ought to be called Bias Insider. But I actually agree with the writer that Elon was probably speaking more as a businessman than concerned Citizen on this one. Greta makes a dick joke and the world acts like it’s the most clever thing ever. Social media is going to be the undoing of civilization.  

TBH at age 60 SPS is not even on my radar screen of worries.  Maybe I’ll do a life update on my page later.  

Hope you are doing ok.  

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11 hours ago, geronimo said:

Happy New Year to you both.

Bah humbug Greta. Poor choice of "putdown."


Thanks g. Yes the original point to this post - beyond impotent screaming to the winds - is that she has an audience of hundreds of millions. Who now have “small dick energy” to add to their repertoire. Additionally it reinforces the small dick = loser = violent = enemy of all Life thought chain.

Oh yes and you want to know the other takeaway? Reading the social media commentary about this little spat shows something else: it’s either women or feminists doubling down on this insult, or Tate’s disciples desperately reassuring everyone that *they* don’t have small dicks. Not one person said “having a small dick is ok”. Not one. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

Again - it’s just a question of what to do about it. I would really like for the world to acknowledge it and bring it to the open. Let people show their true colors. Measure every Western male on the planet. What’s the cutoff? No pun intended. Kill every one below 7”. Or make us wear labels to warn society we are potentially mass killers. 

Small dicks are the new “loner, kept to himself”. Well if we’re that much of a risk, preempt it, round us up, and kill us. After all, didn’t Putin invade Ukraine because he’s short? That’s the cutting edge analysis I frequently read on social media. Oh but we’re not supposed to take social media seriously. It’s just a joke, bro. 

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Nearly 10 years to the day since I joined this forum, and it’s finally come full circle:


Elon Musk, the richest man alive unironically idolized by the anti-establishment, anti-feminist, anti-elite masses, has called the father of social media a cuck and challenged him to a “literal dick measuring contest” in front of an audience of hundreds of millions. 

But I was told for years only women engage in this type of behavior. Called brain dead and stupid for even suggesting men care about these issues. That it was all the fault of women and gays. Is Elon a crypto-feminist? Is he a homosexual? Why would he say this? I thought men did not judge other men by their size of their cocks? Is this why I read the phrase “intellectual micro penis” on forums populated exclusively by men? 

I know, I know. He’s a troll you’ll say. He’s being ironic you’ll say. It’s just a joke bro. Don’t take it seriously bro. As usual you’ll intellectually twist yourself into bowl of Spaghetti trying to downplay it. Or more typically just remain silent, while the legions of “normies” sit on the couch with their girlfriends and fuck buddies and hoot and howl and guffaw over the latest rich celebrity assholes social media drama. Wonder how many men will secretly begin to develop the same anxiety we in this forum feel. 

I wonder how long before tinder and other dating (I should say hookup) apps start having a field for cock size? You all told me 10 years ago this shit wasn’t mainstream, that no one thought about this outside of porn. Yet here we are, exactly like I predicted. 

But what do I know. I’m just some dumb loser hick from chickenshit, USA. 

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Strange. Is Ted Cruz a female? A “foid” in disguise? A repressed homosexual? I thought men didn’t care about such things. Oh but of course it’s all in fun bro. This is politics bro. It’s not serious bro. Chill bro. Laugh it off bro. It’s like boxing bro. It’s shit talk bro. Doesn’t mean anything bro. It’s like a shit test bro, y’know, like women do bro? Only different cuz it’s like a dude, bro. Brrrrruuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh. Brah. 

When do we get to see politicians throwing hands? That’s what being a man is really about. WORLDSTAR! WORLDSTAR!

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