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$50 seems steep for on-line. I would suggest calling your health insurance company asking what your mental health therapy co-pay is and if they cover telehealth sessions. I bet it would be cheaper than $50 that way. However, that said, if this platform would work for you then it’s well worth the $50. 

I have never done telehealth counseling but I do know it is very popular. I work for a health insurance company so I know. Personally I would only do telehealth with a therapist that I have a long-standing face-to-face relationship.  

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Welcome, Bonnyboo.

I think it may depend on the person and their current needs. My daughter does much better with telehealth psychiatric appointments than she does in person. I have noticed she talks and interacts more with the therapist when she is home rather than in the office. But that may not be true for others.

Telehealth visits could also be a stepping stone that helps someone get used to therapy and possibly gets them ready for face-to-face, which may be more ideal in the long run. I definitely agree it's a good idea to know the therapist well and be certain they are reputable. 

I hope whatever you decide it proves to be helpful.

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